Drone Photography

22 Drone Photography Selections

East ATL Sunset

All of the content here captured with DJI Mavic Air 2! I hope you enjoy them! Video best viewed in HD.

Lake Keowee

Lake Keowee, South Carolina

Lake Keowee

Going higher at Lake Keowee!

Lake Keowee Boat Hang and Waterfall

Here is the Lake Keowee boat hang out by the waterfall (top center). This was an intense lift off as I was flying from a listing boat and the area was a bit crowded. Come to find out, the anchor rope was too short (through no fault of my own)! The drone was safely landed in the listing boat! I am happy to have this image and had a great time that day. It is now reminiscent of a time past with a vintage feel. This was done to recover more of the details in the photo.

Grove Park Inn Asheville

Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC

A beautiful display of the sun behind a thunderstorm at Davidson Arabia Mountain.

Davidson Arabia Reflection top

On a music video shoot at the top of Davidson Arabia Mountain. Stunning! Who knew we’d have so many extras that day!

Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon, GA

Rose Hill Two

Across the tracks by the river at Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon, GA

The old Masonic lodge with new artwork at the intersection of Moreland Avenue and Glenwood in Atlanta, GA.

Seimrruthe 2

It is being renovated and will be lofts or a mixed use building. I was driving by frequently and decided to preserve and document what I like.

Lorace Deen Drone Drums

This is my favorite shot from 2022. I had this vision and went for it.

Backyard Drums

You can’t do much drum recording with a drone whizzing and whirring but you can fix it in post!

Summer Free Fly at Lake Lanier! Music produced by yours truly.

East ATL Sunset

First and also last but not least, one of my better sunset shots on the Eastside of Atlanta.