About – Creative

My art goes beyond graphic design, songwriting, video editing mashups and musings. I like to mix mediums from digital images and pictures, animate them and make short, artful clips – many of which – as of lately – have conformed in length becoming compatible with the 60-second window of Instagram opportunity. Being selective about which content I share has been a personal trend for me. Sometimes I don’t know where the boundaries are for public consumption and this is another reason why I have two bios or “About Mes.”

I am into playing musical instruments but feel the most connected on a trap kit drum set. I am teaching myself how to sight read and it is coming along . . .

I started to get into the pull of 90’s music, well, in the 90’s and had industrial and experimental electronic influences. I would record from my Windows voice recorder and use its limited editing capabilities to create some pretty interesting sounds and mixes. One could insert a pre-existing clip into a current clip, add delay and/or change the speed . . .
Where are those recordings!?

lOracle fire (or just lOracle) had been a stage name for me . . . a person and place where I would rap, sing, make beats, arrange songs and play venues and a radio station when they would invite me. I did not just break in . . . they actually wanted me/us to come and perform on the radio. I listened to the recording of that broadcast the other night – and it was SICK – all except the last song, which my band mate / DJ at the time tried to get me to cut from the line up.

I started journaling around the age of 15 and I still have my “Hello Kitty” diary I started at the age of 5. So, I have been lugging boxes and bins of journals around with me for years and sometimes I open them . . . to read about things as they were. . . . and there they sit.

Where was I . . . ?

So, over time – I progressively learn how to use modern tools to express myself through various mediums – mostly in the digital space. Please feel free to check out my Journal Entries.

OR my TOP SECRET 𝔸 𝕦 𝕕 𝕚 𝕠. . . .